ColdShip PBX utilization compared to active systems leads to emissions savings of Billions of tons of CO2 per year. ColdShip PBX further utilization of gel packs instead of dry ice used by other passive systems, leads to further equally huge savings of CO2 emissions!

ColdShip PBX 11

 As if goods never left the fridge!

ColdShip PBX utilization, compared to active systems, leads to emissions Savings of Billions of tons of CO2 per year.

ColdShip PBX is a lightweight EPS Polystyrene pallet BoX  which insulation of 5cm in combination with frozen gel packs, efficiently sustains autonomously the cold chain of 2-8 C of up to 1.17 cbm of goods inside, for at least +3.5 days an air freight shipment may last, even at Middle East Summer temperatures.

By the use of lightweight passive cold chain packaging as ColdShip PBX, one not only saves on air freight costs but also helps significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Even newest types of air cargo active container systems that have a capacity of max 5 pallets come with a tare weight of 1,100 kg, in oppose to ColdShip PBX system that has a maximum tare weight of 55 kg per 120×100 pallet.   

To help understand, the equivalent to move the same exactly quantity of foodstuff or pharmaceuticals shipment in need of temperature control, it will take 5 ColdShip PBX x 55 kg = (which will have) 275 kg total of tare weight only! 

This produces a total tare weight saving of 825 kg to the shipper, i.e. shipper will pay 825 kg less air freight value!

Besides the air freight cost huge savings, utilizing a reliable passive system as ColdShip PBX, there will be further savings on CO2 carbon footprint!

This as less fuel will be burned to transport the shipment! For example it is calculated that it takes an average ~ 05-0.6 kg of fuel to transport 1 kg of weight over a distance of 1’000 km.   On a typical 3,000 km flight (for example Athens to Dubai or Doha), the extra fuel that would be burned to the atmosphere if active system was chosen instead would be 1,237.5 lt of extra fuel, (0.05x825x3).

This saving is achieved just by not utilizing a heavy active temperature control system to move in this example 5 pallets from Athens to Dubai, but choosing a reliable passive system as ColdShip PBX instead!

At average 0.45 kg of jet fuel produces 3.16 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) upon combustion, therefore the additional CO2 emissions savings when choosing a passive system as ColdShip PBX instead of an active one, for this small example of 5 pallets from Athens to Dubai are some 2,750 kg of CO2 not emitted to the atmosphere we all breathe! 

And ColdShip PBX needs no repositioning as active systems need most of the time, which means CO2 savings may be even doubled at most cases!   

Multiply these figures by hundreds or thousands of pallets every week to even longer destinations, and one clearly understands that utilizing ColdShip PBX passive cold chain system saves our planet Billions of tons of CO2 emissions per year!  

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is 98% air and no toxic substances are used in the manufacture!

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) combined with gel packs capacity to conserve food helps to reduce wastage of food and guarantees food safety.
Life cycle analyses have shown that EPS has far less impact on the environment than other competitive materials for the same use, and thus is regarded as an environmentally friendly solution.
Made from 98% air, no toxic substances are used in the manufacture of EPS and if after multiple times one has used ColdShip PBX polystyrene pallet box wishes to recycle it is 100% recyclable. 

ColdShip PBX Cooling Element is gel packs and not dry ice!

Although ColdShip PBX is compatible with dry ice, Ship SA being an environmentally concerned and friendly organization, we prefer to apply frozen gel packs, which are an environmentally friendly cooling element as their use have zero CO2 emissions compared to dry ice which production and use burdens the environment we all live with more than +1 lt of CO2 for each 1 kg of dry ice used.  Choosing gel packs instead of dry ice, we further save our earth thousands of metric tons of CO2 per year!   Utilizing gel packs a green certified company needs not add tons of CO2 emissions of carbon footprint to their ledgers as they have to do when utilizing CO2 dry ice.  Furthermore gel packs are more economic and do not freeze 2-8 C goods as dry ice (classified as Dangerous good by IATA) does, and we all know that frosting and defrosting goods and placing them on receipt at a refrigerator usually deteriorates them.  And naturally all ColdShip PBX elements and gel packs are 100% recyclable, but before reaching the point or recycling, ColdShip PBX systems are reusable indefinitely!

ColdShip PBX, The Sustainable Cold Chain system that sustains the cold chain during airfreight!